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Our Record: 37(w) - 10 (l)


Indy Blaze found a place to hit the mark at AAU 12U National Basketball Tournament in Hampton, Virginia. They worked hard to earn the money for this trip, being a new team they had few sponsors. This young team knew that funding would not be a show stopper. They work hard in school, and on the court. They are young and on fire with dreams and visions…and now excitement was in the air… all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana to Hampton, Virginia.

The drive game them time to look back to the many hours of practice, they felt ready, the coaches told them they were ready and now, after six months into “Indy Blaze” they were going to step into a new arena.

Now they are back home and they are “Sweet Sixteen” finalists and 3rd in the state of Indiana.

Indy Blaze made Indianapolis proud, their schools, their families, coach and themselves!

Go Indy Blaze!!!

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